Write to your MP: ask them to join our APPG if they haven’t already done so, and encourage them to ask Parliamentary questions about the freedom of religion or belief issues that are of concern to you.

You can find out the name of your MP here and also read what they have said in Parliament about this issue.


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
William James

Our vision is to work for positive change, more freedom of religion or belief, and less persecution, whatever form that takes. Every individual can contribute to that process, by supporting the work of the APPG and in many other ways.

We can help you to

  • be informed – explore this website, follow the links, subscribe to our email list. You will not only be informed about the reality of the abuse of freedom of religion or belief, but also the specific actions being taken in and through Parliament, including events and briefings
  • take action – speak out for individuals and groups suffering persecution and hardship because of their beliefs
  • spread the news – we all have our own spheres of influence: let’s make sure we take all the opportunities open to us to encourage awareness and  action, amongst our friends, in our organisations, in our faith groups, in our formal and informal networks, and through social media
  • make a donation – your gift will help us to work for freedom of religion or belief inside and outside Parliament. All-party groups do not receive public funds: our work is dependent on those willing to invest to make a difference

We would also urge you to explore our list of stakeholders – they too can be a channel for engagement with this issue. Some are actively involved in practical support of those who suffer physically and economically for their beliefs; some are active in advocacy, speaking out for freedom, speaking up for those who are victims of injustice because of their religion or belief.


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