APPG statement on APPG statement condolences for Sir David Amess MP

 The Members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief express our condolences to Sir David Amess’ family at this time. We are all devastated by the murder of Sir David Amess MP, and the world is poorer for his passing.

Sir David worked tirelessly for the advancement of freedom of religion or belief for all. He was an exemplary member of the APPG and his dedication and passion for the cause will be a loss for many. 

David’s commitment to freedom of religion or belief was far reaching, reflecting his genuine concern for the issue. In particular, he campaigned against the human rights abuses that curtailed freedom of religion or belief in North Korea and China. He spoke out against attacks on churches and against companies in the European Union allowing restrictions on religious dress in the workplace. He consistently called for an end to global persecution of religious minorities, especially Christians. And he hoped for increased peace and understanding between people of different faiths. 

When attending the launch of a freedom of religion parliamentary toolkit by Christian Solidarity Worldwide, one of the APPG’s stakeholders, David said: “All over the world, faith groups like we have here in Southend West suffer as a result of their beliefs, so it’s important to ensure we speak out for everyone’s freedom of religion or belief.” So characteristically of David, his desire to advance international freedom of religion or belief was rooted in his care for his constituency. 

David became a close friend of many Officers and Members of the APPG. Such deep friendship is hard to find, particularly in the halls of Westminster. David’s ability to be a friend to so many across the political aisles only serves to highlight his exceedingly kind and genuine character. 

The Members of the APPG are grateful for David’s years of campaigning for freedom of religion or belief. We express our sincerest sympathies to David’s family at the loss of a remarkable man and public servant. May he rest in peace.