APPG Statement on the sentencing of Mubarak Bala

The APPG expresses its utmost concern as regards the sentencing of Mubarak Bala, President of the Nigerian Humanist Association, to 24 years in prison, for expressing what were deemed to be blasphemous opinions on Facebook.

The APPG urges the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office to work towards securing Mubarak Bala’s release. We ask that the department renews efforts to promote an end to blasphemy laws where they are used to curb freedom of religion or belief – particularly within the Commonwealth.

The imprisonment of Mubarak Bala reflects a further deterioration in the protection of freedom of religion or belief in Nigeria. The APPG calls on the UK Government to do more in response to such egregious violations of human rights.


This statement was updated on Thursday April 7th