APPG Statement on Xinjiang Police Files

In light of the shocking findings published by the BBC which revealed internment camps in Xinjiang operate a ‘Shoot to Kill Uyghur Policy’ and further information that indicates genocide, the APPG FoRB urges the Government to respond to these atrocities with firm action. 

We ask that the UK leads efforts in suspending China from the Human Rights Council, and urges the UN to consider the findings seriously. We also ask that the UK Government sanctions Chen Quango and other leading actors responsible for the inhumane treatment of the Uyghurs. 

While we commend the Government’s actions earlier this month to ensure that PPE produced in these camps no longer enters NHS supply chains, we renew calls for any and all goods produced through the forced labour of Uyghurs to have no place in any supply chain tied to Government procurement. Government procurement contracts and supply chains should be free from such inhumane exploitation. 

Finally, we call on the UK to review the evidence in consideration of declaring the atrocities taking place in Xinjiang a genocide against the Uyghurs.