With 15 officers and over 150 members, the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief is one of the largest in parliament. Learn more by clicking on the names of each officer and member. 


Jim Shannon
Fiona Bruce
Preet Gill
Baroness Cox
Lord Alton
Lord Singh
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
Tommy Sheppard
Alexander Stafford
Dr Lisa Cameron
George Howarth
Brendan O’Hara
Christian Matheson
Andrew Lewer
Ruth Jones
Baroness Verma
Jamie Stone
Nusrat Ghani
Derek Thomas
Navendu Mishra
Afzal Khan
Taiwo Owatemi

Jim Shannon MP (Chair) – DUP
Preet Gill MP (Co-Chair) – Labour
Baroness Cox (Co-Chair) – Cross-bench
Fiona Bruce MP (Vice-Chair) – Conservative
Lord Singh (Vice-Chair) – Cross-bench
Lord Alton (Vice-Chair) – Cross-bench
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP (Vice-Chair) – DUP
Tommy Sheppard MP (Vice-Chair) – SNP
Alexander Stafford MP (Vice-Chair) – Conservative
Dr Lisa Cameron MP (Treasurer) – SNP
George Howarth MP (Secretary) – Labour
Brendan O’Hara MP (Secretary) – SNP
Christian Matheson MP (Secretary) – Labour
Andrew Lewer MP (Vice-Chair) – Conservative
Ruth Jones MP (Vice-Chair) – Labour
Baroness Verma (Vice-Chair) – Conservative
Jamie Stone MP (Vice-Chair) – Liberal Democrats
Nusrat Ghani MP (Vice-Chair) – Conservative
Derek Thomas MP (Vice-Chair) – Conservative
Navendu Mishra MP (Vice-Chair) – Labour
Afzal Khan MP (Vice-Chair) – Labour
Taiwo Owatemi MP (Vice-Chair) – Labour