Attack on Ahmadi Mosque in Pakistan

The APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief has stated that it is deeply concerned by the latest targeting of Ahmadi Muslims when a mob of around 1,000 people reportedly besieged an Ahmadi Muslim mosque in Chakwal, Pakistan on Monday 12 December 2016.

The APPG has called on the UK and Pakistani Governments to work together to take action against hate materials which incite hate and violence against the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and other minorities. In addition, it states that it is important that Pakistani authorities should provide adequate security to protect Ahmadis and prosecute individuals responsible for crimes of this nature.

The attackers deliberately stormed the Ahmadi Mosque which has left a least one Ahmadi dead, while authorities are sealing the mosque after contents within were set ablaze by the mob.

Nearly 1,000 people attacked the mosque which is located in the limits of the Chowas Saidan Shah police station area in Chakwal’s Dhalmial district. The mob threw stones and fired on the premises. While reports suggest the mob was armed with batons and weapons to besiege the Ahmadi place of worship.

After gaining control of the mosque, the attackers allegedly burnt articles inside the building, including carpets. Furthermore, a Jamaat-i-Ahmaddiya Pakistan Spokesperson has said that the mob began raising anti-Ahmadi slogans upon reaching the site, demonstrating the prevalent level of hate speech towards Ahmadis in Pakistan.

Fareed Ahmad, National Secretary External Affairs for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK said that: “This development is deeply disturbing given that we have had that mosque for many decades and no protection has been offered from the authorities.”

This attack comes only a week after four Ahmadi Muslims were arrested without evidence in Rabwah while their headquarters was also raided without a warrant.