FCDO White Paper on Global Development: Update

On 20th November, the FCDO published a white paper on global development, focusing on alleviating hunger internationally. The paper outlines key objectives for the UK’s international development program. Among its priorities are protection of the Freedom of Religion or Belief, including the need for proper aid distribution to members of minority religious communities in areas of conflict or oppression.

The APPG applauds the FCDO for its inclusion of FoRB concerns in its international development priorities. Further, it calls for strategic implementation of these aims in order to provide development investment and support for those communities most in need or affected by violence and persecution.

A link to the report is included. For further information, see the FCDO’s press release on the white paper’s publication or the white paper itself: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/international-development-in-a-contested-world-ending-extreme-poverty-and-tackling-climate-change