Human Rights Commission of Pakistan voices concern

In a press release last week the independent NGO described the emergence and deterioration in a litany of grave human rights concerns across the country and stated that the prevailing political situation, and rise in religious extremism were proving significant hurdles in mounting any serious efforts to deal with these concerns.

It continued “There has been an unchecked rise in religious extremism and the situation has worsened for religious and sectarian minority communities. A sequence of attacks on Sikhs in Peshawar, assaults on Hindus in Umerkot and on temples elsewhere in Sindh, target killing of an Ahmadi doctor in Mirpur Khas, killing of Ahmadis in Gujranwala, of Zikris in Awaran and attack on a blasphemy convict in Adiala prison are just some of the manifestations of increase in fanaticism and intolerance. The lot of those charged under the blasphemy law has become all the more precarious as it has become almost impossible for them to defend themselves at their trial. The murder of Rashid Rehman for daring to defend a blasphemy accused whose case no one else was willing to take and the complete lack of interest of the authorities to go after his killers has further encouraged impunity.”