Report: ‘In prison for their religion or beliefs’

A new report – In Prison for their religion or beliefs” – has been published by Human Rights Without Frontiers International (HRWF). It details a country by country list of prisoners who have been incarcerated for manifesting their beliefs or falling foul of so-called anti-blasphemy laws.into the imprisonment of people for their religion or belief.

The report,  available herewas launched in the House of Lords last week at a meeting hosted by Baroness Berridge and Lord Alton of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Freedom of Religion and Belief on behalf of HWRF.

Those who planned to attend the launch:
Fouad Kadhem; Jana Sharif; Mohsen Al-Khoei; Mr Anthony O’Mahony; Mr Thiago Alves Pinto; Revd Robin Gibbons; Prof Roger Trigg; Dr Peter Petkoff; Mr David Taylor; Emily Mellgard; Revd Dobromir Dimitrov; Nr Alexander Radev; Dr Nicholas Wood; Dr Nora Fisher Onar; Dr Sarah Wolff; Dr Anne Jenichen; Dr Lucean Leustean; Mr Kishan Manocha; Mr Julian Reily; Ms Elizabeth Evenden; Ms Jacquie Hughes; Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli; Mr Pavan Dhaliwal; Dr Thomas Krapf; Mr Mike Green; Ms Julia Bicknell; Ms Anne Bodley; Mr Nigel Parker; Prof Marcus Bockmuehl; Ms Katharine Thane