Statement on Iran Atrocities Tribunal

The All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion of Belief notes with concern the ongoing situation that arose from protests that broke out in Iran on 15th November 2019 following an increase in fuel prices. An internet shut-down followed, with thousands of people injured, detained, or killed. Some are still on death row, awaiting execution for their participation in the protest.

Jim Shannon MP, Chairman of the APPG FoRB, attended part of the Iran Atrocities Tribunal (also known as the Aban Tribunal) on Wednesday 10th November, 2021. A five-day hearing, the Iran Atrocities Tribunal is a people’s tribunal, coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the protest and ensuing violence, with the aim of raising awareness and advocacy for victims of the protest, who continue to seek justice. After hearing the evidence and witness statements, the panel of the tribunal will conclude whether the Iranian State forces committed crimes under international law.

Jim Shannon MP was present for the statement by Maryam Foumani, a journalist who has conducted research on the Aban protests since they occurred in preparation for the Tribunal. Jim also listened to Amir Ansarifar, who testified about the death of his son, Farzad, who was shot amid the protests.

The APPG FoRB welcomes efforts to deliver justice for those arbitrarily detained, imprisoned, or killed, to launch judicial investigations into the perpetrators of violence, and to tackle impunity. It supports the right to peaceful protest without the fear of bloodshed and without fear of being sentenced to execution for doing so. It hopes the Tribunal aids the efforts of victims and victims’ families in their quest for justice.


From left to right: Portia Berry-Kilby (Director of APPG FoRB secretariat), Jim Shannon MP (Chair of APPG FoRB), and Hossein Abedini (National Council of Resistance of Iran, UK Office)